November 16, 2015

Fast post: cycling in Barcelona

Typical bike line in Barcelona

So now that I've moved back to Barcelona, and I've been away for two years, every time I take the bike I'm like: wait. Do we have bike lanes here? Or at least, more than before? Where are they!? How can I get to where I'm going?

And today happened again. Because I thought that we didn't have a systematic bike lane grid, and we are not cool enough to see the lanes in Google Maps (like Copenhagen), it's crazy to ride in Barcelona.

Bike lanes from Copenhagen in Google Maps

But then... I was just looking for a map or something and, surprise, I found one and I realized that Barcelona has LOTS of bike lanes! And I did not know this! Cities change fast! In only 2 years!

So, here you have some of them so you don't have to be like me and live in ignorance! :)

Bike lanes in Barcelona to date November 2015

And here you have two interactive maps where you can type in your destination and see where the bike lanes take you :)

It's not that Barcelona is the best city in terms of bike lanes' quality and cyclists' safety but I do hope you enjoy them anyway. I definitely will!


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