February 03, 2015

Food craziness in Sweden (intolerances, I mean)

I'm not going to complain about anything at all because, LUCKILY, I'm talking about intolerances and not allergies, but they are giving me a hard time anyways, I also have to admit that. Fact: I'm currently intolerant to lactose AND eggs.

So, last year, when I was in Copenhagen, I found some products that helped me overcome my lactose problems and I managed to be, more or less, happy with my life. You know, it's really difficult to live without dairy products. I know vegans, I know! You do it! But I have not reached that state yet, sorry, although... who knows! Ironically, vegan diet would be the best for me but, please, with a steak on the side! (another fact: I'm trying to reduce my meat consumption, there you go ^^).

Let's go back to Denmark. So I found some products in there and I was okay with that (read post about that). But when I realized I was moving again, this time to Sweden, I got scared for a second. Shit! Will they have lactosefree milk? Some cookies? Butter? I mean, scandinavian gastronomy is based on dairy food, but I didn't know what to expect and, as I said, Denmark was not heaven, you know. Moreover, lately, in Spain, they've been releasing all these fancy lactosefree products that danes didn't even had, so I was kind of jealous and all. And then, as a parting gift (thank you, btw), I developed my intolerance to eggs, which just made everything awesomly perfect (and goodbye to trying to eat less meat...).

Whatever. And August arrived, I moved to Uppsala, and I went grocery shopping for the first time. And, oh, babies, OMG!, Sweden is the LACTOSEFREE HEAVEN !!! Ok, maybe not that much, but almost!

And this is just the ICA selection (Willy's also has lots of them!)

They have lots, hundreds, thousands! of different kinds of lactosefree milk (I don't even know what half of them are >_<). And they also have yogurt, drinking yogurt, crème fraiche, greek yogurt, turkish yogurt, and other random milk-related products. CRAZY RIGHT?!

And then we have to go to the cheese section! Oh god, oh god, oh god! Lactosefree feta cheese, salad cheese (appetina), MOZZARELLA (do you know how long it was until I could eat it again? 2 years? OMG, an entire lifetime), philadelphia (yes, too!), and the king that rules them all: Ålands special cheese (I don't even know what kind of cheese is, but it's awesome when it's melted over a slice of bread). Wohoo!

Now we can proceed to the butter and margarines section, I can even choose if I want to be healthy or not! o_O (I'm just showing some of them, of course, there are loads of other brands!).

And, "finally", we head to the non-dairy "lactosefree" products, which is really nice from their part (I'm talking to you, producer, you!). You know, in Spain, everything has lactose: soft bread (sandwich bread or other baked sweets), cakes, cupcakes, cured meat (embutidos), sausages or other "processed" meat, pates, cookies, etc. And the eggs, also the eggs. So, in Sweden, some (or most) of these products are "naturally" lactosefree (they don't use lactose to produce or conserve them, THANK YOU!) and, therefore, I can eat them. Of course, they are egg free too. Some examples: pate (leverpastej), meatballs (köttbullar), sausages (falukorv, for example), bread, some cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar), cookies (pepparkakor or others, yes, I-can-choose), and, well, they also have a nice selection of good (really good!) soy-based products.

They are DELICIOUS !!!

Of course, I'm always talking about products that you buy in a shop, prepared food. Baking and cooking is another world (come on, we control the ingredients there! ^^).

So these are, basically, all the products that I've already found and tried and I survived. I'm sure that there are still lots of them to discover. They are really good in this (yes, you, Swedes!), I mean, I'm a bit of a challenge (lactose and eggs, remember?) and I'm quite happy and satisfied, so a big HURRAY for them!

One thing I miss from Denmark: my lovely speltkiks med kakaocreme cookies. Oh dear.

Note: all these products are found (at least until now) in Willy's or ICA supermarkets.

I don't think I'm forgetting anything. Oh, yeah, all pictures are courtesy of Google!

Edited on 04/03/2015: 


I finally found them !!! And, for now, I have only tried the hazelnut one, but... oh, GOODNESS ME! Delicious is an understatement ! These actually taste like real chocolate, nothing compared to the one we have and I tried in Spain (see here), which is, more or less, tasteless. 

And they even have "Fine Pralinés"...

Speechless. Nothing more to say.

Smaklig måltid !!!


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