July 09, 2015

Weather contrasts of Sweden

Now that I'm more or less free and I have some time to look back, I wanted to share one of the curiosities of Sweden: its "weather" contrasts independently of the season. I know I always end up talking about the weather, pictures and landscapes, but you know, is one of the things I enjoyed the most. Here comes a "pic post".

These first images that I'm sharing are from Uppsala in November of 2014, on the 25th and the 26th, respectively. And you can appreciate the outstanding beauty of all of them. Different lights and colors, but all enjoyable. So we were approaching winter and we were lacking some sunlight, and autumn gave us a warm, beautiful and shiny day (maybe one of the last ones, enjoyed by all) which was followed by a foggy and wintery day that was premonitory of the exciting never-ending-grey that predominates winter, and spring.


Winter was approaching and you could sense how plants were starting to freeze, people began to take refuge in their homes and time was about to stop for some months. Yeah, like hibernation. And I also found that amusing. December had arrived.

And, then, real winter came and Uppsala was completely white. FINALLY (we had to wait until January, you know!?)

But winter is, sometimes, sunny and, then, is even more stunning. So fresh! These pictures are from February.

Another gift from Sweden's climate and weather: beautiful sunsets and crazy skies. I'm not familiar with these, so every time I looked up to the sky, I had an amazing new view waiting for me. Truth be told, we mostly had them during the end of the winter and spring, since autumn was 100% foggy. I'm going to elaborate more on that in another post.


Same sunset

Same place, day and time, but different direction

Same place, day and time, but different direction

By the way, another thing worth mentioning: Sweden is the rainbow country. Or at least, Uppsala län. Crazy the amount of rainbows that I've seen in a year. So cool!

And, finally, Uppsala even enjoyed the company of the northern lights twice since I was there, in September 2014 and in March 2015. Sadly, I experienced none because I was back to Barcelona in both occasions, but other people made sure to immortalize the show.

Not my picture, but worth sharing it. Northern lights in Uppsala (March 17th) from Johannes Rousseau

Hope you enjoyed the ride :)


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