February 21, 2017

Crossing the world to get to New Zealand

It's not that I have a lot to say about the actual flights, but I do have some pictures that I like and thought I could share them.

A I wrote in my post Destination New Zealand: some tips, on our way there, we flew through London, Dubai and Sydney before setting foot on Christchurch. I think the airlines were Qantas and Emirates, the latter being the one I'm 100% sure about it. Why? Because I really liked it. So I would recommend it.

By the way, I'm letting you all know that you can book, in advance, your meal for your flight, and choose what kind of meal you want: vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, gluten free, and stuff like that. I didn't know that in advance so my trip to New Zealand was pretty shitty (literally) in that sense. On the other hand, my trip back home was awesome. If you book your meal in advance, you also get it earlier than the rest.

Something yummy that I could not try

My highlights about the flights? That warm (not sure if comfortable) feeling in your butt when you go to the toilet at Dubai Airport, to see an actual desert... and the landscapes of New Zealand seen from the skies.

The desert around Dubai from the plane

And New Zealand... ❤


I'll try to locate, more or less, the pictures in the short future.

Hope you liked them! Thinking about going to New Zealand? Read these!

Or just visit the #NewZealand tag of the blog. Enjoy!


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