December 24, 2015

My own art-skating pieces... and craziness

Skating Scene by Hendrick Avercamp

Wow! So I've seen that my first and last post on skating has been read a few times! Not sure if these are good or bad news! Because of that, I may feel too much freedom and happiness. Let me say that I'm sorry in advance in case a crazy-skating-avalanche of posts happens. ^^

As an introduction to the life of a Spanish figure skating fan, here's what happens to us, humans: we are not used to see high-level figure skating live, we are not even used to see shitty skating live. Well, I see people roller blading on the promenade here in Barcelona, but I'm not talking about that kind of skating quality. So, we are not used to live it. And, furthermore, we are not used to share it. We've been living in the dark, in the shadows, alone in our rooms, in front of the computer (not even TV and not even a Spanish stream! OMG, we'll end up learning Russian, or Chinese, or even Kazakh! Ok, let me go back to my never-ending sentence...), watching this fucking sport that make us social pariahs and handling our Spanish-hightened feelings all by ourselves. So, when you put us together, in front of an ice rink, and after a high-level figure skating event... in my city!, and after such men's event (best in history)... WE GO CRAZY. We lose our sense in life, we lose our senses directly, and we do not know what else to do besides screaming, talking and writing about figure skating. I mean, I'm lucky I finally met people to talk about it, before that, it was so fucking lonely to live that on my own! And I'm in my 30s... I know people that have been surviving like this for an entire life! So, going back to my ranting: we are obsessed now, crazy, our eyeballs are escaping from our faces... and we need Bratislava (2015 European Championship) to arrive, to come here, right in this moment, just to avoid our premature deaths.

Hehe, I'm not alone... Is figure skating some kind of drug?

I used to be a an artistic roller skating coach and choreographer for children who started skating and I looooooved (and still do) to prepare the choreographies, choose the music, the steps, how to synchronize it... soooo yeah, after the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona (hereinafter, GPF), and all this craziness that I just mentioned above (it was only a week ago and it feels like ages already), I was so inspired and obsessed (okay, I still am) that I wanted to create something. And I used the Romeo & Juliet's exhibition program (with my lovely Kissing You song) from the Canadians Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje.


Because I loved the movie. And the soundtrack of the movie. And when I saw they were skating it, I just panicked. Because I knew what was coming. And it came. An amazing performance that got stuck inside of me. I visualized already there, on the ice rink, how the scenes of the movie were fading away with the program that they were skating. And it was all so beautiful and perfect. And then... they just killed me and skated a sublime step sequence with the piano on the background... And, yeah, they made me cry. A lot. I was exhausted and heartbroken for some hours after that. But that moment was precious and I'll have it in my memory for the rest of my life. But, I don't trust my memory, so I wanted to make it real, in a video, so I could re-watch it over and over again. And also, why not, I wanted to show Kaitlyn and Andrew the gift they gave us. And I think the result was pretty good.

If you are not tired of me, here you have it:


And then, now that I'm on it, I will also share the video that I made last year with some parts of the programs of the competition and the exhibition of the GPF 2014 also in Barcelona. In that case, I wanted to honor Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé. I used the song they created in 1987, if I'm not mistaken, and was used as the theme for the Summer Olympic Games in 1992 in Barcelona, because I thought the music and the lyrics suited the situation very well, specially since the GPF was the first and most important ice figure skating event ever in Spain (at that time)I think I got something quite nice to make us remember what a great event that was. And then, we got the GPF final, again, in 2015, so everything was awesome.

And that's it. These are my contributions for now. If you want to see something else, you can check my YouTube channel. If you are open-minded enough, and kind, you will even enjoy two other videos I have in there: two exhibitions (Queen medley and Avatar) performed by my lovely roller skating girls, from when I was training them back in 2010/2011.

Enjoy it! And if not, sorry! :)


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